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Miami, FL

The all-inclusive price for this location is $6,600 per week.  Your crewed charter weekly rate includes a professionally licensed captain, meals catered to your taste, beverage selection of your choice, a variety of water sports toys & instruction, nicely appointed cabins and facilities.

The Miami boat parties at Haulover Park and Stilltsville are a blast!  Haulover park is one giant sand bar inside the inter-coastal waterway with calm water and many water activities.  People paddle board or kayak to the party, or arrive on boats ranging from a jet ski to vessels the size of Dreamcatcher. 

Dolphins are also known to attend the party!  They will ride the surf on the back of the boat underway, splash along side riding the bow wave, or nudge up to your paddle board. Don't be scared if they jump and spray you with water;  these are wild dolphins, so don't confuse them with their trained relatives.

There are food services on land next to the boat party; you can take Dreamcatcher's tender into shore to fetch hot dogs and other items, and there are enterprising vendors who will bring food and drink out to the boat.  The party is an all day affair, both Saturday and Sunday plus most other sunny days in season.  People share food and drink, tailgate on the water.  The party is like a small concert regatta of local boats and people traveling from far away to enjoy the scene.

Everyone is there for the same reason, to enjoy the fun relaxed atmosphere, meet friends, people watch, perhaps to get a tan while consuming a few adult beverages and listening to music.


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